UK’s ‘Leading Provider’

We have been restoring failed Double Glazed Units (DGU’s) since our company was founded in 2009. Using our unique solutions, products and restoration technique we are the leading restorer of failed DGU’s in the UK.

It’s all we do

Our business model is quite simple – We restore DGU’s for any property owner who has a need for our service. From our head office based in Brighouse West Yorkshire we operate on a nationwide basis and in 2017 completed the restoration of over 20,000 DGU’s over 50,000 in 2018 and completed our aim to repair well over 50,000 in 2019. 2020 We are looking to exceed over 70,000 units!

We are passionate about what we do

Our service is unique. It offers a modern solution to an age old problem.

It is cost effective , with savings on average of 50% when compared to replacing DGU’s
It is good for the environment:
  • Our process avoids the production of waste glass and therefore reduces waste to landfill.
  • Our process reduces the production of greenhouse gasses by reusing existing DGU’s and not having a new one made.

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