How much does it cost to have my windows defogged vs. replaced and is it cheaper to have my double glazed units de-misted than replaced ?

Yes - On average double glazing companies charge around £150 per square meter for replacement units. The company sends a surveyor out to measure up for a new unit, provides you with a quote and if you decide to accept it, takes payment. A few weeks later the company sends out a fitter to replace the failed unit, tipping the old one into a skip or landfill. The company would usually offer you a 5 Year guarantee.

Our process is not only cheaper but much more convenient for you. You receive your fixed price quotation either ‘on line’ or by phoning our customer contact centre on 08459011456. Once accepted we send a technician to your property at an agreed time and date and complete the work there and then. Most misted units are repaired in less than 20 Minutes, without removing them from their frames and with no waste glass to dispose of.

Typically our process saves you 50% against replacement costs and in all instances comes with a 10 Year warranty.

How long has your double glazed unit repair service been around?

Crystal Clear Window Works has been successfully repairing double glazed units since 2009. Over this period we have repaired tens of thousands of failed or misted units. In 2017 we repaired just over 20,000 units nationally and we are on course to exceed this in 2018. Our customers vary from private homeowners, letting agents to large property companies such as Sanctuary Housing the largest housing landlord in the UK and for whom we have been successfully de-misting double glazed units since 2015.

Does your double glazed unit repair process work on all windows?

Our failed unit repair process does not work on ‘toughened glass units sat in timber frames’. When our customer service advisers call you, or receive a call from you, they will check the frame type and where it is identified as timber, they will ask you to check for toughened glass markings on the double glazed unit. Most double glazed units are not toughened. Where toughened glass in timber frames is identified, we will advise you to make arrangements to replace the unit.

Does this process work on windows in a conservatory roof?

Unfortunately not, but please contact us and we can discuss your specific requirements.

Can the system handle visible oxidation (staining) or damage to a soft coat Low-E caused by the seal failure?

Yes, we have very good success with low-e units that have simple condensation or fog. We need to test the coating and be careful with our solutions but we can remove the moisture, and more importantly prevent any further degradation of the coating and therefore extend the life of low-e coated windows for a very long time. If the coating has started to erode, slough, oxidize or deteriorate - which usually first occurs around the entire perimeter of the IG at the spacer bar - the best that we can do is to remove the moisture based debris and staining. The key with low-e IGs is to get them early and perform our process as a preventive maintenance measure on the other IGs where evidence of coating degradation has yet to present. Our objective is to stop any further damage to the coating resulting from the moisture trapped in the air space. Our process will prevent damage to the other IGs and restore insulation value in all the IGs were we perform our service.

Does this work with the single glazed windows?

No, Single glazed windows do not need venting like this. The condensation on these windows forms because the humidity in the house is too high relative to the temperature of the glass.

Can your system clear a gray-silver film on the inside of my sliding glass door?

The patio door will have to be seen by one of our technicians. It is possible that you have chemical fogging or some stage 1 corrosion.

Can your process be used for double pane windows containing shades or blinds in between the glass?

Yes, we are able to apply our process with windows that have internal blinds.

Does your process clean the inside glass as well as dry it out?

Yes, our process will dry the window and remove early stage damage.

How long does it take after the service is completed, for condensation in windows to be cleared.?

There is no exact answer as to how long it takes for condensation in windows to clear. . Typically most double glazed units clear perfectly within a few weeks and all should clear within 6 weeks. This ‘drying time’, as we call it, can vary depending upon the weather and also how the window faces the elements.

Does your washing process eliminate the mold build-up between the panes of glass?


Does window cleaning and cleaning chemicals have a harmful effect on the valves you install?

No, normal window cleaning will not affect our process. You should however exercise caution when cleaning around the valves and seals.


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