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Do you suffer from Condensation in your Windows?

Do you think the only solution is to replace?

There is another option our proven process quickly removes condensation from double glazing windows and doors, recovers insulating R-Value and protects against permanent damage! Resolve the problems of condensation in windows & misty windows with the window restoration specialists.

Our Certified Technicians will solve your window condensation problems at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Service comes with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.


  • On average  50% cheaper than replacement
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Convenient and no re-visit
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • 10 year comprehensive repairs warranty
  • Can be done from the inside or outside
  • Safety glass and toughened units can be repaired

How it Works

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    1. Make incisions in the unit

    Access by the glass cavity by creating two 4mm holes in the top and bottom opposing corners of the double glazed unit

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    2. Inject specialised coatings, cleaners and sealers

    Inject solutions into the glass unit, cleaning, drying and coating the internal glass surfaces with our anti fog coating. Evacuate into recovery bottles all surplus coatings from inside the glazed unit. Inject specialist slow seep sealer to stop moisture ingress through the spacer bar.

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    3. Apply micro vents to incisions

    Apply vent to the incision to complete the repair, creating a pressure equalized unit, and restoring the insulation properties of the unit.

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    4. Marvel at your crystal clear and thermally efficient window

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  • “I had 5 failed windows . The technician arrived on time and completed my work in less than hour.  Really pleased with the result.”

    Elizabeth – Cambridge

  • “Over the period 2015 and 2016 we successfully repaired over 5000 failed double glazed units for Sanctuary Housing. Scott Leason, Contract Manager for Sanctuary Housing said “Crystal Clear have become an integral part of our of asset management strategy. They bring a modern and fresh response to housing maintenance which delivers significant added value ”

    Scott Leason – Contracts Manager Sanctuary Housing

  • “I wish I had known about this service earlier.  I saved £125 having 3 windows restored by CrystaI Clear.  have certainly told all my neighbours about it!”

    Alan – Halifax

  • “Managing 15,500 homes, Yorkshire Housing gets through a lot of uPVC windows. Working with Crystal Clear Window Works has helped us repair rather than replace many of these windows, saving us money and keeping waste out of landfill.”

    Simon Winch – Environmental Performance Manager Yorkshire Housing



  • “Money is tight. My job cost me half what I was quoted to replace my failed windows ”

    Chris – Birmingham

  • “Of course I was sceptical but after the repair process was explained to me I was thrilled by the results. ”

    Janet – Manchester


Nationwide service

A Sustainable service

A sustainable service with no waste glass to landfill An environmentally friendly service reducing the production of ‘greenhouse gasses’